About Us

SEAFFACS was established to support the families, friends, and coworkers of Cushing's Syndrome patients and even the Cushing's Syndrome patient's themselves. SEAFFACS recognizes Exogenous Cushing's Syndrome as the visible sign of a prescribed corticosteroid dependence, addiction, and/or use disorder that becomes a disease that transcends the patient and affects the whole family dynamic. A major component of this support is education by making the information that is sitting in obscure medical publications requiring advanced degrees and special access to read more readily available and understandable to those who would benefit from it. With this information, the SEAFFACS mission is to raise awareness of the constellation of symptoms known as Cushing's Syndrome through many formats publicly and within the medical community including the pharmacological and substance treatment communities. It is hoped that as the awareness of this condition increases, that families affected by a patient's Cushing's Syndrome will eventually be able to get the same help offered to families suffering from other kinds of addictions.